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About Me


She is a woman who lets life do its thing; while seeking God for guidance along the way as she Creates Her Own Opportunity. 

This brand is for that woman.

She is always working on her master plan...behind the scenes. 

She doesn't like being in the spotlight; but she can own the stage. 

She is not boisterous and has a meekness about her but the message she wears speaks volumes. 

She is quiet, gentle, and patient. 

She wears her conversation and simply doesn’t have to say a word...her presence speaks for her. 

When she walks by, her essence makes people do a double take.

A “Double take” is defined as a delayed reaction to something that is interesting. 

She is interesting. 

She is loyal,dependable, loving, and charismatic. 

She is chill.

She is at peace. 

She wears the message, 

She believes the message.

She shares the message.

She can not be imitated, duplicated, and will not fade away.

She ISSA whole vibe. 

Create Your Own Opportunity...she has claimed hers.

Nekela Huggins, CEO